Community garden projects

The cost of food combined with the recession puts pressure on many households. There is a growing problem of hunger and poor nutrition which is contributing to poor health for many people in our community – particularly children.

New migrants often lack knowledge around the NZ climate, soils, pests, diseases and some of the food plants grown here. The types of tools used may be different, plant names and gardening vocabulary is different, and the way that garden resources are accessed is often different.

Aere Tai’s community gardens aim to increase community knowledge of gardening while making good quality fresh food available to people who would otherwise miss out on nutritious food – or who do not have enough to eat. They are maintained by our community groups and fresh vegetables and fruits are provided to supplement family groceries where possible.

Community garden projects focus on:

  • Access to free or subsidised fruit and vegetables
  • Techniques for gardening in a thrifty and sustainable way
  • Connection with other gardening, health and social service information sources
  • Other gardeners—through events and social networks

Aere Tai locations funded to provide this service

Hamilton - K'aute Pasifika Trust

Gisborne - Pacific Islanders' Community Trust

New Plymouth - Vaimoana Pasifika Charitable Trust

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