Breast screening support

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in New Zealand women. Over 600 women die from it each year, and as we get older our risk increases. According to the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation, Pacific women are more likely to die from breast cancer than other ethnic groups in NZ. Their five year survival rate is 79% compared to 87% for NZ European women.

In New Zealand eligible women from 45 to 69 can choose to join the BreastScreen Aotearoa (BSA) programme and 72% of women in this age group have done so.

Brest Screening is:

  • When a mammogram (breast x-ray) is performed on women
  • It can find cancer early and that means you have a better chance of beating it
  • It can pick up tiny cancers that can't be felt
  • You need to have breast screening every two years as breast cancers can grow in that time and you want to find them while they are still small
  • Screening mammograms cannot prevent development of breast cancer, but do reduce the chance of dying from breast cancer by approximately a third

Our breast screening support service includes transport and education support for Pacific women to attend their mammogram or assessment with BreastScreen Aotearoa.

Breast screening support services focus on:

  • Transportation to and from mammogram appointments
  • Education and awareness of the importance of breast screening

Aere Tai locations funded to provide this service

Tokoroa - South Waikato Pacific Islands Community Services

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